Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've returned to pick up where I left off but with a few more tools in my toolbag and some nagging self sabotage I am determined to release.

My weight this morning was 166.0. This was after an approximate 20 lb gain and loss during my spring semester. It was a very tough semester but I decided unless I want to be up in weight when I graduate I better learn how to manage my weight and stress. I actually gained some of those lbs loading and failing twice to get back on track but pounds are pounds.

What the weight gain boils down to is the comfort food issue. I'm taking some of the tools from another dieters journey (she is on a different plan); msm, subliminal messages, mirror work, EXERCISE, and much more, and incorporating them into my journey.

I think these are some of the tools I've been missing to make this permanent. We shall see...

Daily posting is a bit much to ask from my busy schedule but I will update my status as I go along.

I'm happy to be back.

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