Monday, April 18, 2011

40 Days Till Graduation

In 40 day we graduate and I DO NOT want to walk on stage looking like I do now. The only thing I know how to do is keep it moving.

Expressing myself has been helpful so I'm dusting this journal off and begininning again.

Day 1... x 1 million tries

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've returned to pick up where I left off but with a few more tools in my toolbag and some nagging self sabotage I am determined to release.

My weight this morning was 166.0. This was after an approximate 20 lb gain and loss during my spring semester. It was a very tough semester but I decided unless I want to be up in weight when I graduate I better learn how to manage my weight and stress. I actually gained some of those lbs loading and failing twice to get back on track but pounds are pounds.

What the weight gain boils down to is the comfort food issue. I'm taking some of the tools from another dieters journey (she is on a different plan); msm, subliminal messages, mirror work, EXERCISE, and much more, and incorporating them into my journey.

I think these are some of the tools I've been missing to make this permanent. We shall see...

Daily posting is a bit much to ask from my busy schedule but I will update my status as I go along.

I'm happy to be back.

Round 3 Results

Daily Results of Round 3:

Starting Weight - 175.0 01-15-09
Weight After Loading - 177.0
Day 1 - 177.0 (0.0)
Day 2 - 173.8 (-3.2)
Day 3 - 171.2 (-2.6)
Day 4 - 170.8 (-0.4) TOM
Day 5 - 168.6 (-2.2) TOM
Day 6 - 168.4 (-0.2) TOM
Day 7 - 169.0 (+0.6) TOM
Week 1 Total - -8
Day 8 - 168.2 (-0.8) TOM
Day 9 - 166.8 (-1.4) TOM
Day 10 - 166.2 (-0.6)
Day 11 - 165.4 (-0.8)
Day 12 - 164.6 (-0.8)
Day 13 - 164.2 (-0.4)
Day 14 -
Week 2 Total - Ended Round which was supposed to last for 6 weeks. :(

Sunday, January 31, 2010

P2 R3 D15 - VLCD13

Weight: 164.2
Release/Gain: -0.4

2 days of no internet darnit! I've been doing aight. Let's see how the weekend went when I get on the scale tomorrow.

What I had to eat:

P2 R3 D14 - VLCD12

Weight: 165.4
Release/Gain: -0.8

Can't remember... that's what not posting daily does!

What I had to eat:
stuff on protocol :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

P2 R3 D13 - VLCD11

Weight: 165.4
Release/Gain: -0.8

2.4 more pounds to go before virgin territory. I'm so looking forward to it.

Last night I had a week moment... enough said.

What I plan to eat:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

P2 R3 D12 - VLCD10

Weight: 166.2
Release/Gain: -0.6

Sufficient release this morning. Just a note, when I post my status and have just 2 foods or just coffee and an apple in the "What I had/plan to eat" area sometimes it just means I have no idea what I am going to eat or I forget to update it at the end of the day.

For example, last night and the night before I had steak but at the time I posted my food I didn't know that I was going to eat steak so I didn't include it.

I'm not into starving myself. Granted some days I am not interested in food or I'm super busy/distracted and don't tend to my hunger but for the most part I eat.

Now water... Anyone would be justified in jumping on my case for not drinking enough water. I have such a tough time with it.

What I plan/had to eat:
1 egg/3 egg whites
grilled onions

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

P2 R3 D11 - VLCD9

Weight: 166.8
Release/Gain: -1.4

Woke up to a nice loss :) I'm running low on hhcg and waiting for my new bottle to come. It better get here soon or I'm going to be hhcg-less. That wouldn't be good.

Looking forward to getting to virgin territory with my losses; being patient and trusting the process because I know it will happen as long as I'm faithful.

What I ate:

P2 R3 D10 - VLCD8

Weight: 168.2
Release/Gain: -0.8

Back on track, Whew! The first day of school was looooooong, but I made it. Thank you Lord.

What I had to eat:

Monday, January 25, 2010

P2 R3 D9 - VLCD7

Weight: 169.0
Release/Gain: +0.6

I made it out of the food event alive with only a 0.6 gain. I consider myself lucky! There were so many delicious foods to choose from. I was tired and had my drops in my system so I didn't do as much damage as I could have.

Most of the food I filled my plate with were wrapped up and brought home for my fam bam, all except for the sweets for the most part. I was in dessert heaven but only made it to the first floor with the desserts. If I wasn't so irritated with myself for not staying strong I'd be proud of myself for not eating every dessert in the place.

Today is going good. My plan is to sip on coffee all day and eat the apple I have waiting in the wings. I might just make it a mini-steak night since all I had was coffee so far...

we'll see

What I plan to eat:

P2 R3 D8 - VLCD6

Weight: 168.4
Release/Gain: -0.2

No post... no time :)

What I plan to eat:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

P2 R3 D7 - VLCD5

Weight: 168.6
Release/Gain: -2.2

Things are moving along. Can't wait to get back to and pass 163, which was the lowest I weighed in R1 P2 & P3.

What I plan to eat: