Wednesday, December 30, 2009

P2 R2 D15 - VLCD9

Weight: 167.8
Release/Gain: -2.2

Yesterday was a really good day. I was busy cleaning clutter and therefore did not have much to eat. It helped widen the gap between cravings and getting back on protocol. Today I'm having an apple day. The one I said I was going to have yesterday :D

P2 R2 D14 - VLCD8

Weight: 170.0
Release/Gain: 0.0

Getting it together :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

P2 R2 D10-13 - VLCD4-7

Weight: 170.0
Release/Gain: +3.0

Spoke too soon...

I have not been able to get and stay on track to save my life! I've considered restarting things with an apple day or something. I have no idea how to get on track. *sigh*

Thursday, December 24, 2009

P2 R2 D9 - VLCD3

Weight: 167.0
Release/Gain: -4.4

FINALLY!!! Headed in the right direction!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

P2 R2 D8 - VLCD2

Weight: 171.4
Release/Gain: -0.6

Messed up last night but alas I continue...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

P2 R2 D7 - VLCD1

Weight: 172.0
Release/Gain: +0.2

I think I finally got it together enough to start VLCD 1 :) I've had my first dose for the day and am sitting with my second cup of tea (the first cup I let the carpet drink *doh*) and an apple.

I'm ready to start letting go of some of the weight I gained during my 6 days of loading. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to get back to my previous round LDW. I'm a little annoyed with myself for not being able to stop myself from all the eating I've been doing but whatever...

I was so concerned about the snow trip I didn't take into account TOM. Proper planning prevents poor performance. I think next round I will try to plan loading around the TOM munchies :)

What I had to eat:
chicken breast
hot sauce

Monday, December 21, 2009

P2 R2 D6 - Loading

Weight: 171.8
Release/Gain: 0.0

This day went from VLCD 1 back to loading in 5 minutes flat. The TOM food craving monster dragged me back to loading. Tomorrow I'll be stronger :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

P2 R2 D5 - Loading

Weight: 171.8
Release/Gain: +3.4

hhcg 15-20 drops 3x day
Metabolic 1
B Liquescence

A +7 pound gain from LDW, yuck! 171.8 which means to get to my goal I have to lose 26.8 pounds in 27 days. Not impossible but that sure does put a lot of pressure on the situation...

I would be thrilled to be in the 140s by the end of this round, especially if I can get to 145 :D

Extended my loading one more day :D Ever heard of a 7 day loading round hehehe

Saturday, December 19, 2009

P2 R2 D4 - Loading

Weight: 168.4
Release/Gain: -0.8

Today is my last day of loading, no hhcg, tomorrow I start vlcd 1 and tomorrow will be my recorded weight after loading.

I still need to shop for food and supplies. That's probably not going to happen till tomorrow but I think I'll pick up a few apples so I know I'll have breakfast. I'm also going to start my doses tonight so I won't be hungry tomorrow.

So it begins again... Ding, Ding, Round 2.

P2 R2 D3 - Loading

Weight: 169.2
Release/Gain: +1.4

Loading more, no hhcg. I managed to eat some items from my wish list but I am still not feeling food right now. I'm stuffed and bloated. Yuck!

P2 R2 D2 - Loading

Weight: ???
Release/Gain: ???

For got to weigh in today. Had way to much fun last night celebrating the last of my finals.

Another day of loading no hhcg, I'm too tired to want to eat. I am going to make this round a 4 day loading round.

P2 R2 D1 - Loading

Weight: 167.8
Release/Gain: +2.8

I had some Ben and Jerry's Karmel Sutra to help me get in the proper mind frame, Tuesday night, for all that school work :) I'm not sure what else I ate since I am typing this 4 days later now that my brain has returned to semi-abnormal; my almost original state of mind.

Loaded with hhcg. My last final is today and I'm so stressed it is tough to even be interested in eating.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Round 1 P3 Stats

R1 P3 Stats
Phase High - +2.2 (167.0)
Phase Low - -1.8 (163.0)

One official steak day,

one unofficial protein day,
and one mostly protein day for P3 this round.

Day 21 - 165.0 (+0.2)
Day 20 - 167.0 (+2.2)
Day 19 - 164.0 (-0.8)
Day 18 - 166.0 (+1.2)
Day 17 - 166.2 (+1.4)
Day 16 - 165.2 (+0.4)
Day 15 - 166.6 (+1.8)
Day 14 - 165.2 (+0.4)
Day 13 - 166.4 (+1.6)
Day 12 - 163.4 (-1.4)
Day 11 - 165.6 (+0.8)
Day 10 - 165.6 (+0.8) TOM
Day 9 - 164.6 (-0.2) TOM
Day 8 - 165.4 (+0.6) TOM
Day 7 - 164.6 (-0.2) TOM
Day 6 - 164.8 (0.0) TOM
Day 5 - 164.0 (-0.8) TOM
Day 4 - 164.8 (0.0) TOM Starting
Day 3 - 166.0 (+1.2)
Day 2 - 163.0 (-1.8)
Day 1 - 163.2 (-1.6)
LDW - 164.8

P3 R1 D21

+0.2 Above LDW - 165.0

I successfully completed the steak night. My only slip up is I chased down the steak with some rum, 151, and redbull - you drop the shot of rum and 151 into the redbull!!! OMGoodness Yum, I had two of those.

I've drank it with no adverse affects in P3 but I don't remember Dr. Simeon's saying to drink any thing other than tea, coffee, or water so I was like *doh* once I remembered the redbull has some carbs. I'm glad it didn't affect the scale too much, but I somehow think I probably would have been lighter on the scale if I had left those out. Oh well, I had fun!

The little people and I found a nearby sports bar to have my steak and we watched Monday Night Football (MNF). I had been in this sports bar once before when it was shamefully dead; it's right down the street and around the corner from where I live.

I haven't watched MNF in forever, and I don't sit down on Sundays and watched football with my youngsters. T.V. is just so not a priority in our house; we barely have basic cable.
Anyway, we watched MNF at the sports bar, which was seriously wonderful because of the energy and I taught my son and daughter (mostly my son) a little about football. It reminded me of my dad; he's the one that taught me about football when I was 11.

So there we are, my daughter with her peanut butter and jelly plus fries, my son with his juicy hamburger and fries, and me with my rib eye steak (it was SO good!) and apple slices, let's not forget my two tastey drinks ;) .We had a great time!!!

The sports bar raffles an item at the end of every quarter. We didn't win anything but again we had so much fun. I'm considering making it a thing we do Monday's, something masculine for my son, he is of course outnumbered in our household; 2 females to 1 male, poor guy.
I haven't made up my mind about that that's what I'm going to do, but it sure does sound like a good idea :)

Tonight I have homework, tomorrow I have my last final and start loading. I'm thinking of starting loading tonight :D Hey, I did 21 days already, no one mentioned nights :p

P3 R1 D20

+2.2 Above LDW - 167.0

Okay so today is a steak day. I almost got out of this round without an official one but okay whatever. I personally think it was the 3am food; pork skins and cheese, and water in my belly, but that's just me.

Since the scale is our guide, but not our master , I will comply and eat steak and an apple later tonight after my final.

I have been very uninterested in food anyway lately... More and more I'm looking forward to P2. Somehow this only makes me understand just how dysfunctional my relationship is right now with food *sigh* I'm a work in progress...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

P3 R1 D19

-0.8 Below LDW - 164.0

2 more days before I start round 2 and loading again. It's kinda of scary thinking about the prospects of another round. I can tell I'm not as motivated about this round as I was the first round. Most likely it's because of all the other stuff going on in my life; it's difficult to focus on anything other than making it through finals and stuff.

This round I am going to eat melba and/or grissini and I plan on having shiratake noodle (miracle noodles) if I find that I am having hunger issues again.

My goal for this round is 145, which has been adjusted due to the round being 30 days instead of 40 as I originally planned. If I could get all the way to goal this round that would be SO wonderful! But if I don't that's cool too! 25lbs is what I would need to hit my ultimate goal, 20lbs is what I'm hoping to lose at a minimum. It would end up being a 30 lb loss or more depending on what I gain during loading which is why I think 145 is more doable.

I ordered some silicea 30c to have during round 2. It was highly recomended by another hcg-er for helping with regularity issue as BMs are concerned. I like the sound of that because constipation drives me nuts.

I've got the blues right now so I really didn't eat much yesterday.

Need your prayers on my finals and getting all these darn reports complete, please.

What I had to eat today:
2 banana laffy taffy's

Saturday, December 12, 2009

P3 R1 D18

+1.2 Above LDW - 166.0

Not much to say today. Another P3 day in the neighborhood... School work and reports are on the to do list for today.

What I had:

Some days are dysfunctional and we know it, I'm dealing with more than you know right now, enough said. Moving right along!

Friday, December 11, 2009

P3 R1 D17

+1.4 Above LDW - 166.2

My body thinks it's in P4, cool, but I'm not going to take that for granted. Back to P3 foods for a few days.

I've decided to go right back into P2. Finals will be over and I won't be so food challenged next week. I have a snow trip in January and I don't want to be in P2 when I go.

What I ate today:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

P3 R1 D16

+0.4 Above LDW - 165.2

P3 has been rough on me with all the stress. It's strange because my body is mostly responding like I'm in P4 already.

I didn't have the mental strength to do a steak day yesterday. I just ate super light and this morning I was at 165.2. I even drank last night, 2 long islands hold the tequila and gin. Weird huh.

I don't want to push it but I really think my body is in P4 mode. I'm so freakin hard headed gotta keep testing the waters. Things are just super emotional right now it's tough not to cheat on P3.

I think working through the emotional eating is going to be what makes me or breaks me in regaining the weight. I have to find an alternative to eating!

And later that day back at the bat cave....
My insanity of eating continues! today started out aight and then the holiday potluck came to town and it went further downhill from there.

What I ate today:
denver bowl from Jack in the Box (ate some of the hash brown in the bowl but took most of it out)
1 shrimp with shrimp cocktail
1 stuffed wanton with soy sauce
two fork-fuls of chinese noodles
1 fork-ful of cajun rice
cabbage salad with almonds (oh so darn good)
1 brownie (yes I said brownie *doh*)
a taste of spinach dip
a taste of guacamole
4 yes to cookies dipped in whip cream

That's all I can remember. I actually didn't even eat everything on my plate... Somebody might have had a not so happy tummy because of the drinking last night, but you didn't hear that from me.

My brain is off the hook right now with wanting to eat stuff. Seriously, I feel like a dope fiend for junk food right now. It's just a matter of time before I have this all back under control. Get through finals and month end stuff and close this chapter...

Emotional eating is not the same as craving. My stress and anxiety is up and I want to numb it with comfort foods (foods I like which usually have lots of sugar in them). Time to read the chapter in The Anderson Method again about fixing what's wrong in real life so I can stop trying to fix it with food!

Anybody curious about what the scale is going to say beside me?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

P3 R1 D15

+1.8 Above LDW - 166.66

Last night I gave into the cereal monster. My school work was more than I could bare emotionally. For punishment and just on GP (general purpose) I'm going to do a steak day.

I'm glad my weight didn't go above LDW :0)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

P3 R1 D14

+0.4 Above LDW - 165.2

One and a half more weeks of school...

I'm pleased that I've been able to stabilize. I received my supplies for round 2 yesterday. I'm debating starting round 2 prior to the end of this year; beginning of next year. I'm going to see how I feel as Christmas gets closer. My body could use a serious P4 workout program, so I don't want to miss out on that but I also don't want to give myself the opportunity to indulge in too many addictive foods either! We'll see...

What I ate:
chocolate 1/4th package
denver bowl from Jack In the Box

Monday, December 7, 2009

P3 R1 D13

+1.6 Above LDW - 166.4

Don't think I'll be pushing the envelope like that again. Today my focus is to get back closer to LDW. There is no more egg nog in the house, I've gotten past my cereal crisis (I think), and I know if I want chocolate I can have some without worrying about gaining.

Right now I need to also focus on completing all my assignments for school and getting through this semester without getting booted. Please say a prayer for me, thank you.

What I plan to eat today:
yamate chocolate (sugar-free) Yeh right, it tastes too good!
veggie medley
braggs amino

Sunday, December 6, 2009

P3 R1 D12

-1.4 Below LDW - 163.4

Don't ask me why all I had to eat yesterday was an apple. About 3 am this morning it was a different story... Forgive me hcg-ers for I have sinned. It has been a little while since my last confession... On my way home last night from dancing and drinking I ate a taco from Jack in the Box and it was soooo good. I was way too hungry to stop myself from eating it. :D And I had 2 bites of potatoes at breakfast and some egg nog tonight... YIKES! Okay, okay, no more messing up!

I think the no food thing yesterday made up for the carbs I had early this morning; they kind of evened each other out. I hope I am as lucky on the scale tomorrow.

What I ate today:
black bean chili omelette
sour cream
mint tea
calistoga water
turkey bacon
egg nog
beef brisket

Saturday, December 5, 2009

P3 R1 D11

+0.8 Above LDW - 165.6

Ten day count down for my date with a box of cereal. I will be right in the middle of my last two finals and I don't care if I end up having to do a correction day because of it. All I know is I want some cereal big time!

My menu was very poor yesterday, but it is what it is right now. I'm happy to be still under LDW.

What I had to eat:

Friday, December 4, 2009

P3 R1 D10

+0.8 Above LDW - 165.6

I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. That much food and calories and only a +0.6 gain. Well I suppose I'm happy I didn't cheat yesterday and opted for all that "legal" food. This is amazing!

I'm glad the sugar-free chocolate didn't cause gain because it is helping to curb the sugar-munchie monster inside me right now. I had the chocolate with the almonds, OMGoodnes!!!! Both the chocolate and the almonds came from Whole Foods.

Here are the ingredients of the chocolate:
Chocolate liquor, maltitol, cocoa butter, milk fat, inulin, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, soya lecithin, vanilla.
"The bar says 2g net digestive carbs. Not a low calorie food. Extremely low cholesterol."

Yesterday my calories accounted for me eating the whole chocolate bar but I only ate half, therefore I need to back down my numbers by 200 calories. My calories for yesterday should be 2726 Calories.

This morning I ate 2/3 of the remaining bar and I'll have the rest later :) I'm pretty darn happy with what I have been able to eat. I've been wanting to add DHA (cod liver/fish oil) to my daily regimen and due to a sale at Whole Foods I purchased some liquid DHA yesterday. I would have definitely preferred the pill form but it has strawberry flavor to it so it's not so bad. I also bought some 3.6.9 Omega pills for the kids.

This journey has been very positive in getting my family to eat healthier. We still eat junk from time to time but we eat it a lot less than before. Buying food from Whole Foods can be really tough on the budget, however someone pointed out something very interesting to me: I can pay for the healthier foods now or I can pay for the healthcare due to negative effects of the chemical laden foods later. Welp, seemed like a no brainer to me!

What I had to eat:
2 cookies
crystal light

The Yes To Cookies cookies arrived yesterday. The little people and I did a taste test and they were aight... I'm thinking the cookies would make a great crust for the little cream cheese muffins or something. I think having the chocolate might have ruined the cookie experience because the chocolate it soooo good with no after taste or funny taste or anything.

I am going to try the cookies again later and then give you my honest review of the cookies.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

P3 R1 D9

-0.2 Below LDW - 164.6

I am under a lot of stress with school, work, and home life and have wanted to eat every cereal, cake, cookie, pie, and candy but haven't... It still sucks to have to process the feelings though. Having the feeling and not indulging in my old behavior thus far has made me feel good about the journey I'm currently on but I know I'm not totally out of the woods. It's a thin line between being fine and saying "f*ck it! My saving grace lately has been me telling myself in 2 weeks I am going to be able to have some of the above mentioned items and that has kept me in check.

I think if I was on any other plan I probably would not have been able to reason with myself that way because there usually is no upcoming break in the plan because it takes so long to lose the weight and go through all the steps. I'm really pleased with this program. That's an understatement, I totally freakin love this plan and am so glad I was introduced to it!

I'm planning to pick up some coconut oil, unsweetened coconut, and almonds so I can make coco balls; I already have the unsweetened cocoa. My thinking is at least if I do eat something out of emotions it won't be something as bad as cereal and the rest of it. Really the goal is to not eat out of emotions whether it's allowable foods or not, but like I said I rather have something around I'm allowed to eat instead of trying to be strong and not being prepared. I do have 2 more weeks of school. Let's cross our fingers and pray I don't have a cereal repentance post...

Hmmm, I just thought of something... my Yes to cookies should be here soon too :) Yippee! If those cookies get here in the next week I just might be okay through the rest of this phase.

What I had to eat SO FAR:
6 oz turkey
1/2 cup cheese
2.5 cups cabbage
32 oz lemon crystal light with lemon drop stevia
2 Russell Stovers Pecan Delights (1 package)
.55 lb beef brisket
1 cup almonds with braggs amino
1/2 cup mixed veggies -
-egg plant
yamate chocolateir sugar-free milk chocolate bar (tastes sinful, we'll see tomorrow)
2726 Calories

I have had a ridiculous amount of calories today. I kind of feel like I ate so much trying to keep from eating junk food. Maybe I should have just had the junk food because both result in the same thing.... a correction day. I MIGHT get by with not going over 2 lbs LDW but I know if I ate cereal or the likes it will be a definite. So I guess I was trying to go with the lesser of two evils. That's my story and I' sticking to it!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

P3 R1 D8

+0.6 Above LDW - 165.4

I'm glad the scale wasn't too mad at me for the teriyaki :)

What I ate today:
cheddar cheese
1,458 calories

I didn't eat until 3pm today, I was soooo hungry. It was a long day to say the least. Aside from the almonds and apple I just had at almost 10pm I don't think I really gave the scale a reason to be pissed off tomorrow... i hope.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

P3 R1 D7

-0.2 Below LDW - 164.6

Yesterday I ate lots of stuff with butter in it, and today still under LDW. That is fantastic. Today I have a luncheon to attend and I'm hoping they have lots of foods I can eat.

The adventures in food and LDW continue.

Darn luncheon! I ended up having teriyaki chicken and realizing, duh there's sugar in teriyaki! Guess I'll have to see what the scale has to say.

What I ate today:
1 eggs
1 bacon
diet snapple raspberry tea
salad with tomatoes, bell pepper, and other stuff (removed the carrots)
teriyaki chicken

I have an apple here with me at work waiting for me to chomp on it and I'm not sure what's for dinner but I'll try to make it calorie ladened.

Today's menu continued:
turkey drumstick
cabbage :)

Standing by the mailbox waiting for my cookies... I know it's only been a day of so but I can dream can't I :D